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Villa Contessa Studios Zakynthos

Welcome, your holidays start here.

Villa Contessa consists of two buildings with sea view, Villa Contessa Studios and Villa Contessa Deluxe Apartments.



We have had hundreds of satisfied guests, many of them becoming regulars and friends that every year reward us with:


So, put on your swim suit, add some sun screen and relax. Your holidays start here and we promise it will be more than you expected.

Some additional information:

Villa Contessa is located on the South East coast of Zakynthos in a picturesque area known as Xirokastello on the peninsula of Vassilikos. The area is part of WWF’s “National Marine Park” and offers one of the most important nesting sites for the “Caretta - Caretta” loggerhead sea turtle in the entire Mediterranean.

Vil la / noun / A country estate with a substantial house*

Con tes sa / noun / An Italian Countess*

The name of our property originates from the island’s history. It dates back to the Empire of Venice when Zakynthos was one of the Venetian occupied islands in the Ionian Sea.

The Venetians had a huge impact on the island’s civilization, culture and social structure. They built castles, classical buildings, Venetian mansions, and most importantly influenced local writers, poets, scholars and politicians with the European school of thought. It was inevitable that the social structure of the island would be affected as well. They introduced the cast of nobles, something that was unknown in the Greek islands. Titles of nobility such as “Conte” for males, “Contessa” for married females and “Contessina” for single females were given to local wealthy residents.

The name, the title of nobility and the family’s coat of arms were registered in the “Golden Book of Nobility” known in Italian as “Libro D’ Oro”. All noble families built their mansions (Villas) according to the Venetian architecture with plush gardens surrounding the houses.


The architectural design of Villa Contessa is, of course, based on the typical Venetian architecture.

We took care so that the buildings face eastwards, and all the verandas face the Ionian Sea.

The building is surrounded by landscaped gardens that host most of Zakynthos’ flora. The garden is paved with stones from the northern part of the island laid by hand, by local craftsmen. 

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